All Set to Sell Your Home? Pause and Consider Professional Home Staging First

All Set to Sell Your Home? Pause and Consider Professional Home Staging First

When one intends to sell a house, they look for two things – Sell Quickly and Sell Profitably. Home staging, simply put, allows you to achieve this twin fold motive at a very little cost.

Home staging is a professional service that prepares a private residence for sale in the real estate market with the intention of luring in prospective buyers by making the house appealing and inviting. It acts as an effective tool for many sellers to sell their homes swiftly raking in more profits when compared otherwise.

Staging not just follows the usual To Do-list of activities prior to selling a house, like fixing repairs, de-cluttering, storing away personal items and thorough cleaning as that is anyways expected from any conscious home seller. However, it takes a step further, transforming the house in a manner that appeals to a large target audience and, in turn, generates a higher substantial price.

So, What Exactly Does Home Staging Entail?

It tends to introduce the buyers to a lifestyle rather than a mere house with bricks and planks. A key factor to remember is that staging allows for a buyer to see a black canvas where he/she can visualize personalizing it.

Home staging can be mainly relayed with staging techniques involving beautifying and improving the condition of the house by using arts, painting, lighting, carpeting, furnishings, and so on that are carefully planned to add “value” to your home (both figuratively & literally).  Though it may seem like an additional expenditure, the higher returns from the sale often outweigh the initial cost that is spent on staging.  A staged home effectively raises the profile and rate of your property.

In this article, we will look into the varied benefits of professional home staging.

6 Undeniable Benefits of Home Staging in Ireland

  1. Staging Increases Your Home’s Value

Staged homes generate higher interest among buyers than un-staged homes resulting in higher bidding offers for your house. Home staging, which comes at a small cost, does not actively increase the value of the house, but increases its perceived value by showing your house in the best possible way to its full potential that is sure to attract the likes of many prospective buyers. This is precisely what advertisers do, whether it’s selling a cake or a car. And when we’re talking of selling a high-value product such as a house, every bit of it helps.

With multiple people interested, the offer on your home can easily climb up allowing you to earn high returns. By presenting one’s house in the best condition, low ball offers can be prevented, and a substantial pricing can be enlisted. This is backed by findings from a survey conducted in 2015 which showed that staged homes were in fact sold 6 percent above their usual selling price and in some cases, even more than that. Also, there is another benefit with home staging as real estate appraisers tend to appraise staged homes to its full value.

  1. Staging can reduce selling time

Professional staging is an effective way to sell your home quickly with high possible returns. The Real Estate Staging Association of America conducted a study to note the effects of home staging on selling by taking into consideration some 174 un-staged houses which were on the real estate market for roughly around 156 days.

The houses were then staged and put up for sale. The selling period was effectively reduced by around 73 percent as the houses were sold within an average of 42 days. This stands as testament that staging can indeed sell your houses in a short period of time. It also highlights to the prospective buyers and the realtors that you would take the extra mile to appeal to them thereby forming a better seller-buyer relation.

  1. Creates an easy market for the house

Home staging, when done right produces interesting results that can be utilized to capture picturesque photographs. Be it the perfect living room, or a well-grown lawn, one can use their staged home to capture amazing stills and videos of the house, thereby creating an increased market appeal and inviting more genuine buyers.

With your property presented in the best light through dedicated photographs and detailed walkthroughs, staging could give you the edge over other sellers, especially in the online market. Not only does a staged home looks aesthetically superior, but also provides the clarity required for the buyer to visualize the space, thus increasing your chances of making a sale.   

  1. Draws in more buyers to your home

Staging draws in an effective online crowd and attracts the likes of prospective buyers with their unblemished photographs. It allows them to take the next step of visiting the location in person and place an offer on the house. With the home matching to the photos that are already to their liking, buyers are more likely to see through the sale.

  1. Staging renders a unique look to your house, highlighting it from the neighbourhood

A potential buyer would seek to buy a house that is unique and appealing while also allowing them to visualize living in such a space. Home staging renders that to a house differentiating it from every other house in the neighbourhood and making it inviting and welcoming. It allows for the buyers to form an association with the house within seconds of entering. A staged home should enable one to mentally picture moving and living in it. If a house can readily incite the likes of buyers, it can be easily sold at the price fixed by the seller.

  1. Staging Maximizes the Space

A professional stager is well equipped with the spatial qualities of the house, aiming to bring the most out of every room. They tend to identify the crucial ups and downs of your home and actively work on enhancing or diminishing them respectively. They can provide an accurate walkthrough for the house and can designate a clear function to spaces and corners allowing the buyers to have an informed opinion. If the house is on a smaller side, they work in making the buyers see the openness of it rather than concentrating on the square area. Though they cannot alter the neighbourhood, they can sure maximize a home location by rearranging the patio or backyard or reworking on garden spaces to make the house as appealing as possible to the potential buyer.

Home Staging Ireland 2018 Statistics

With the staging business booming, there are now many professional home stagers on the rise in Ireland. Home Staging Association conducted a wide study involving over 400 property professionals all across the United Kingdom that included a host of property developers, managers, and real estate agents and recorded their response with respect to home staging. Here are a few stats to savour –

  • A whopping 100% of people surveyed acknowledged that home staging certainly makes a buyer visualize the property better as their home and also that professional photography makes a huge difference
  • 95% agreed that homes that were staged sell much quicker than home that weren’t
  • 35% of the respondents claimed that staging increased the value of their homes by 4 – 6%
  • While 67% of those surveyed said the reception room was the most important room to be staged, 14% each believed that it was either the kitchen or the master bedroom
  • Out of those surveyed, 18% cited De-cluttering, 16% cited professional photography & 15% cited entire house cleaning as the most recommended